How you can help

Thank you - for reading this website so far.

How does this story end? Well, actually, that's up to you.

With your help, together we can catalyse action on natural climate solutions on a global scale. If we act now, nature can provide 30% of the CO2 emissions reductions required by 2030 to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement - and in so doing, we ensure that nature does not become the forgotten climate solution.

All of us have a different role to play.

Do you work in a business that can halt deforestation from your supply chain – particularly cattle, soy, palm oil, pulp and paper? Are you a land manager, who can be employing climate-smart production techniques to build up more carbon in the ground?

Can you help your business increase the amount of carbon that is reabsorbed into the ground? Can your company help foresters, farmers and ranchers reforest lands and adopt responsible forestry and agriculture practices that rehabilitate soils that have been cleared or degraded? Many companies with the greatest exposure to forest-risk commodities have not yet made a public commitment to address supply-chain deforestation. What new steps can you influence your company to take?

Are you an investor looking to invest in land, forests, food production and agriculture? Just imagine the scale of finance needed to deliver 30% of the solution to climate change between now and 2030. Impact investment and natural climate solutions go hand-in-hand.

We are calling upon corporations, financial and investment firms, and institutions to address investment in natural climate solutions. Whether it is blended finance, venture capital, impact investing and environmentally, or perhaps socially-oriented market instruments such as green bonds. How can your ‘climate friendly' investments, add nature-based climate solutions to your low-carbon and clean-tech solutions portfolios?

If you are a policymaker or politician, you could look to ensure that your contributions to climate action include measurable, quantified targets for natural climate solutions to unlock the full potential of your forest, food and land sector.

Can you include specific natural climate solutions into your climate change policies and plans for land-use, forest and agricultural landscape conservation and restoration at scale? Visit the N4C mapper to see different pathways that will have the most impact in your own country.

Finally, we need you, as an individual, professional or motivated citizen to join our community of people who believe in the role of nature as a solution to climate change.

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Together we can make sure nature is not #TheForgottenSolution.